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Interactive online exercises are crucial for all English learners

Our traditional tools are a great place to get started in your English learning journey. These tools are fun, familiar games to help you with your spelling, grammar and vocabulary. All these tools work to build your learning profile and give you critical feedback and information. Get started with these tools and immediately see an improvement in your English skills.

We are proud to introduce Grammar Challenge – a system that encourages self-learning through interactive edutainment. Stimulate your English language development by putting your knowledge into practice in a game-based environment. Grammar challenge contains 3 unique games – Roll the Dice, Space Travel, and Alien Word Relay. All of the games work together to teach and practice the fundamental pieces of English, the Parts of Speech.

These highly-focused, bite-sized videos break down topics into essential parts and maximize attention on a single core skill. Studies show that microlearning results in higher engagement and information retention. Tutoras is proud to deliver high-quality and effective videos in order to drive a more productive learning experience. The course includes 365 learning videos and quizzes, an assessment report and completion certificate.

Choose your word length and race against the clock to spell 20 randomly selected words from the 300 unique words in each level. Levels are split into meaningful segments based on the length of the words, from 3 to 10 letters. Simply click the pronouncer button to hear the word, then drag and drop the letters to the correct locations. Your results are saved in your learning profile so you can follow your progress! Become a Super Speller today and remember, practice makes perfect!

VR products offer students everywhere the chance to maximize their English learning with the power of Virtual Reality. We are proud to deliver amazing opportunities to language learners who use our system. By using natural language and performing realistic activities, students train their vocabulary and play at the same time.

These 84 mini games are exciting to play by yourself, but are best used with a study partner. They are great for conversation practice and getting the essential language of English trained up. Each game covers one vocabulary topic, so you can learn about everything from numbers and colours to sea animals and holidays!