Spelling Bee

Enhance spelling skills with Spelling Bee, an engaging and comprehensive language learning tool. Our interactive platform offers a wide variety of spelling games and exercises designed to captivate attention and boost spelling accuracy.

Complete Training

Spelling Bee has an extensive word database of the most important English words to spell. Words are grouped by length, so you can practice selected words from 3 - 10 letters.

With 300 words at each level, there is always a new challenge waiting for you. All words are pronounced by a native speaker so you can train your ear at the same time.

Interactive Play

Drag and drop the letters to spell the words! Hear the word pronounced for you and unscramble the given letters. 20 different words are selected from each batch of 300 so it is a new game every time.

Personalized Learning

For personalized learning needs, Spelling Bee Home Dictation offers the ability to enter your own words to practice - up to 30 at a time! The perfect way to practice dictation, corrections or word lists in a fun and engaging way.

Store up to 4 sets of 30 words for immediate access when ready for more. Home dictation is a great way to practice spelling and get a strong foundation in English.

Progress Tracker

Spelling Bee works with the Tutoras Progress Tracker to keep your English learning on track! Always stay up to date with your suggested training tools to make the most of your Tutoras Subscription.

Experienced English educators highly recommend Spelling Bee to teachers and parents. It offers engaging spelling activities that effectively supports language development, leading to noticeable improvements in spelling accuracy and overall language proficiency. With Spelling Bee, learners will not only enhance their spelling skills but also build confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in English.