Magic Kitchen

Ignite a love for language learning with Magic Kitchen, an enchanting interactive app that combines language learning with a culinary adventure. Our platform offers a unique and immersive experience where students explore a virtual kitchen, engage in cooking activities, and learn English vocabulary and phrases related to food and cooking.

Task Based Learning

Explore your virtual kitchen and discover a world of cooking opportunities! Drag and drop utensils, seek out tools, and combine ingredients to get the most out of your English training.

Task based learning helps students learn important cooking vocabulary. Engage in different culinary tasks to help you use and remember your newfound English talents!

Immersive Environment

Magic Kitchen provides an immersive environment where students learn English vocabulary and phrases in a contextual and interactive manner.

Develop essential life skills while following recipes, measuring ingredients and finding your way around the kitchen.

Cultural Exposure

Learn about the world by cooking! Discover different cuisines and cultural practices and learn to appreciate new ideas! Stay motivated and get into the zone.

Engage in new activities and uncover exciting vocabulary and phrases to use in your own cooking adventure.

Progress Tracker

Magic Kitchen works with the Tutoras Progress Tracker to keep your English learning on track! Always stay up to date with your suggested training tools to make the most of your Tutoras Subscription

Magic Kitchen is an immersive language learning tool that seamlessly integrates practical life skills. The interactive cooking activities and vocabulary-building games provide students with a unique and engaging learning experience. Magic Kitchen is recommended to anyone looking for a motivating and immersive language learning opportunity.