Grammar Challenge

Take grammar skills to new heights with Grammar Challenge, an interactive set of activities that turns grammar practice into an exciting adventure. We offer a variety of grammar-focused activities, games, and quizzes that engage and reinforce an understanding of grammar rules and structures.

Focused Training

Engage in interactive games to practice applying important grammar rules and concepts. Work through the 8 Parts of Speech and practice them in this interesting outer space scenario!

Select your topic of choice and get ready to level up your English ability today!

Interactive Experiences

Engage in interactive activities to increase English grammar accuracy through play. Click on the UFOs to rescue the robots and land them on an alien planet.

Multiple Styles to Play

There are 3 games included in Grammar Challenge:

Roll the Dice - A game to play with a friend or family member
Space Travel - Explore the parts of speech in a targeted learning environment
Alien Word Relay - Test yourself with these exciting fill-in-the-blanks quizzes

Progress Tracker

Grammar Challenge works with the Tutoras Progress Tracker to keep your English learning on track! Always stay up to date with your suggested training tools to make the most of your Tutoras Subscription

Grammar forms the foundation of effective communication. Grammar Challenge provides an engaging and interactive platform for students to practice and reinforce grammar skills, ultimately leading to improved language accuracy and proficiency.