Modern Learning Tools For The Digital Age

With the rapid development of technology, it can’t be denied that online learning tools have played a fundamental role in the processes of imparting knowledge of various fields and improving children’s academic abilities.

What is online learning and why is it essential to the present-day education system?

Online learning encompasses any student learning that doesn’t take place in an in-person classroom. It involves the use of different online educational platforms and websites which offer learners of any age group useful lessons and ultimately help them sharpen their skills.

Self-learning: a modern method of learning and its benefits

Self-studying is a form of learning where students direct their own studying outside the classroom setting and often without supervision. It brings a multitude of benefits to students, particularly when they know how to integrate a structured classroom environment with self-learning.

Here are some benefits of practicing self-study:

  • It is an effective mode of learning: Students become more motivated and engaged with the types of information they want to explore. It also facilitates the process of memorizing new-found knowledge to a great extent.
  • Students can learn at their own pace: Self-studiers are allowed to study whenever they want, which means that they are not pressurized to submit homework on time or meet any deadlines. This helps to alleviate the feelings of frustration, boredom or anxiety that are currently faced by many students.
  • Students’ self-esteem is boosted: The more self-study students do, the more confident they become. Compared to the traditional learning way at school, the modern self-learning method aids students in improving their self-esteem as they spend more time working on their own and mostly independently. This can be a valuable thing for any students in the future where the job market become more volatile and unpredictable. 

Most effective online learning for your students/your children

Platforms which provide learners with easily accessible learning tools are pervasive on the Internet.

But which tools should you choose? With TUTORAS, you won’t need to waste time looking for suitable resources for your self-studying course. Everything is now available with a single click, especially materials for students preparing for Cambridge exams.

TUTORAS provide learners with mock exams which are designed to aid students’ preparation for the real tests. It has a variety of mock tests for different levels from Starters, Movers, Flyers to KET.

Your students or children can use TUTORAS whenever or wherever they want. Thanks to its wonderful features and its availability on both smartphones or laptops, test takers can get firsthand experience taking a test, which helps them review different pieces of knowledge as well as boost their confidence in the comfort of their homes.

Modern Learning Tools For The Digital Age