How can I practice spelling at home?

In this day and age, it is apparent that English is a global language, and mastering the English language can help people guarantee a better job as well as a decent career anywhere in the world. However, learners must understand the basics of this language and it might take a lot of hard words to familiarize themselves with English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and so forth. The practice of spelling words also plays a key role in achieving a good command of English. Most parents usually spend a huge amount of time having their children memorize English words by making them spell the words aloud, and this way has proven to be effective. So why do parents focus on improving their youngsters’ spelling skills? Here are a few convincing reasons for this way of learning:

  •  Good spelling skills help improve learners’ communication skills,

Spelling is an essential part of communication. Whether we can communicate well in any social environment or not strongly depends on our spelling ability. In the modern world with a diverse range of high-tech devices, 85% of people on all continents are connected online via the Internet, and 65% of them use social media as a means of communication. Incompetent spelling skills may lead to several unexpected consequences, ranging from negligible to serious.

  • Good spelling ability provides better career opportunities

The job market is always volatile, and getting a decent job will be much more challenging if a candidate fails to make a good first impression. A potential employer always requires a written CV/cover letter, and your odd spelling mistakes or grammatical errors may tell the employer much more than you can imagine. These mistakes can be an indicator of you being not serious about the job or your ambitions, or even worse, recruiters may think that you are immature.

That being said, it can take ages for an adult to fix his grammar/spell-checking skills. Therefore, it is highly recommended that parents should be in charge of training their children how to spell English words correctly from an early age and correcting their spelling mistakes instantly whenever their youngsters write or speak English. As we all know the benefits that decent spelling skills can bring to children regarding their future education, but the question is how to help them practice the skills in an effective way and without putting too much pressure on their children? First and foremost, the practice of spelling should be engaging, and the best way to get youngsters engaged in spelling tasks is through fun and exciting games. Here are a few examples:

  1.     Use flashcards

This method can easily help to enhance a child’s memory as it requires him/her to spell words aloud. First, you can make a list of words that you want your child to memorize. With each card, you can write one word and then have your child pick one of the cards, read the word written on that card aloud, and say each of the letters in the word.

  1.     Act it out

This is an interesting way to learn and relax, and it can be done simply too. The first thing you need to do is to write down words that you want your child to learn on a piece of paper. Next, you and your child take turns picking a word from the list, with each word being picked by you, you should use your body gestures to act the word out, whether by singing, dancing, or using funny facial expressions. When your child gets the word correct, ask her to spell the word out!

In a nutshell, don’t let the spelling practice of your children become dry. Instead, you should be more creative and make the learning environment at home fun and energetic. In this way, you can motivate your children to learn and slowly but surely build up your their spelling skills.