5 Factors to Make Your English Grammar Exceptional

English is one of the most common languages used worldwide, yet also easy to misuse. This is because without proper structure, certain English words can change the meaning of a sentence and take away the context.

An exceptional English user knows how to properly structure verbs, pronouns, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, etc. It also means that their sentences, phrases and clauses need to have punctuation in the right places.

Let’s discuss the factors you need to consider if you want to have remarkable English grammar.

1. The Parts of Speech

To improve your grammar, you must understand the different parts of speech. This helps you to structure each sentence correctly and properly.

There are eight essential parts of speech, and they include the following:

  • Noun: A name of a person, animal, place, or thing
  • Pronoun: A word used in the person of a noun
  • Verbs: An action word
  • Adjective: A word that really modifies a noun or pronoun
  • Adverbs: A word that modifies a verb
  • Preposition: A word that explains the relationship between two objects
  • Conjunction: A word that connects two parts of a sentence
  • Interjection: A word that expresses meaning without a complete sentence

2. New Vocabulary

The best step to take if you really want to possess an exceptional English grammar skill is to improve your vocabulary. All you need to do is bring out your dictionary and get ready to understand the different parts of speech. By reviewing new words and seeing how they fit into sentences, you will start to recognize the important patterns they fit. This will help you to use new words more fluently.

3. Sentence Structures

An exceptional English sentence structure must include a subject and a verb. The only exception to this rule is where there is an exclamation. The subject is the noun that does the action, while the verb indicates the action that the noun is performing. The object is another noun in the sentence that is affected by the verb. A classic illustration of this being used is in the pattern: Subject + Verb + Object. For example, “The lady locked the door.”

4. Clauses

If you want to advance in your English grammar, you have to understand the role that clauses play. A clause is a part of a section that includes a subject and a verb, but may not necessarily be a complete thought.

Every English sentence must include a clause. There are two major types of clauses in English. They are:

  • Independent Clauses: They can be used as complete sentences.
  • Subordinate Clauses: They are a fragment of a sentence and cannot be used alone.

5. English Grammar Tenses

You cannot ignore this factor if you want flawless English grammar. Tenses refer to the time an action in a sentence takes place.

In English, there are three tenses:

  • Present tense: This is typically used to describe unchanging things or actions happening currently.
  • Past tense: This is used to narrate events that occurred before a particular time.
  • Future tense: This is used to discuss things that are likely to occur after a particular time.

Why is English Grammar Important

People often wonder why it is essential to have good English grammar. To start, it helps readers understand the information you are trying to pass in the sentence. Having improper grammar is actually quite similar to mixing up the words in a sentence and asking someone to unscramble it. It is difficult for a reader or listener to decipher what you are trying to communicate when you are unable to put the correct words in the correct place to start. Doing so also increases the clarity of your message and prevents miscommunication.