What Tutoras Has To Offer

We are an online platform for learning English bringing online learning through exciting exercises, videos, and games to your children worldwide. Don’t worry about your children’s English skills because they can now learn anywhere.

Tutoras products are used by schools, educators, and other learning platforms.


Learning tools can play a key role in the success of your children. Many plans are available for these tools, so you can find the right one for you based on your budget.

Spelling Bee Challenge:

You can use this product to help your children improve their spelling skills. There are more than 2400 words in total, some of them are short, and some are long. By practicing all of them, your children will be able to spell correctly.

Public Examination Mock Exam:

This product helps parents find out their children’s abilities. When your children give online tests offered by Tutoras; two benefits they can get out of this:

1) You can find out their ability – how good they are at what. Based on their result you can send them to the appropriate learning place. 

2) Your children will know how to perform in the tests conducted by schools.


Online Self-Learning System

Tutors help students achieve their goals! There is no need for your child to worry about his learning skills because Tutoras offers an online self-learning system through which your child can learn via exercises, videos, and games.

Now, your children can practice and learn independently, thanks to Tutoras’ comprehensive curriculum and real-time analytics. A truly personalized learning experience is what makes Tutoras the benchmark for online learning.

Tutoras VR:

Tutoras VR is another special service Tutoras is offering. The main benefit of these virtual reality games is developing vocabulary.

Developing vocabulary is a challenge for kids, they have fast memorizing power, but they need appropriately described things.

Tutoras VR can be of great help at that point because it shows things very clearly and in an attractive way to children.

By using it, students will be able to make learning fun while also enhancing their vocabulary through natural language and doing realistic activities.

The children can play it in multiple ways: 2D and 3D. Both have different environments, so it’s the student’s choice on which mode he is more oriented to learning.

Note: 2D gives information about nouns and prepositions, whereas 3D has an animation kitchen with 3D animation recipes.

Resource Payment Plan:

There are different plans for different ages of kids. For example, for ages 3-4, the monthly cost is $30. If you are interested in more plans, then click here.

What Tutoras Has To Offer