Tutoras VR

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Harness the power of Virtual Reality to enhance English language acquisition with Tutoras Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen VR products offer students everywhere the chance to maximize their English learning with the power of Virtual Reality. We are proud to deliver amazing opportunities to language learners who use our system. By using natural language and performing realistic activities, students train their vocabulary and play at the same time.

Multiple Ways to Play

Example of the games in 2D and 3D
The VR is split into 2 main components: a 2D version focusing on quick language acquisition and a 3D version that gives students the environment to use their new found knowledge.

Key Areas of Knowledge

Screenshots of the 2D games.
The 2D Magic Kitchen covers Nouns, Descriptive words, Prepositions and More
The 3D Magic Kitchen gives access to 3 discrete recipes complete with 3D environment and animations
Screenshots of the 3D games.

Fully Integrated

All Magic Kitchen products are integrated with the Tutoras system to manage access, track progress and save scores.