Study Tools To Help Your Child Succeed

They say the world is getting smaller, especially with the spread of social media, migration to different countries to work and English is the third largest spoken language in the world. It is the language of business, work, associations and networks. Thus making it important as not just another language, but as a skill.

On the world stage, speaking and understanding the English language has become not only critical for survival but also to be accepted as a part of the work culture and society. In fact people who don’t speak English as a native or even as a second language are not considered employable.

When we are older, learning a second or third language becomes more difficult, but as children we are more open to learning new things including languages. So any skill learning is best started as a child.

At Tutoras, we believe that learning English need not be as tough as everyone imagines. It can be fun, engaging and therefore more easily remembered. Children love to play, but what if they could learn while they played?  Our online learning programmes make learning English as easy as ABC.

With the world moving towards creating immersive experiences in all that we do, why should learning be left behind? When we live life by experience, learning should also be experiential. The 2D and 3D Virtual Reality in TutorasVR integrated system focuses on teaching basics of grammar but also improves the childs’ vocabulary and the best part is, it is game based, creating and sustaining a childs’ interest. From learning new words to learning the use of the words, adds not only value but also ensures retention.

TheTutoras V365 virtual, online grammar tutorials break down learning into small segments that are easy to learn and the simplified programs have simple tests to ensure retention and collect certificates as you go along, serving to create a reward based learning system.

The simple Spelling Bee in the world puzzle format is a fun way to improve the ability to remember spellings and words and not learn by memorizing, it allows a child to explore possibilities and learn words that can make them feel like achievers.

The Tutoras complete range of home practice materials along with the short on-point videos are a great way to ensure that your child has fun while learning a new skill.

Study Tools To Help Your Child Succeed