Cambridge Equivalent Mock Bundle


Online Mock Examination
Cambridge Starters/Movers/Flyers Exam Test 1, 2 or 3
Class Nature: Online Exam Paper 1&2+ Live Paper 3
Course Task: Mock Examination or Home Practice Program For Students who want to take Cambridge Exams
Maximum # of Users: 1 candidate
Product Expiry: 30 days from the date of purchase

Paper 1 & 2 will be completed online:
Paper 1 – Listening
Paper 2 – Reading & Spelling/Writing

Paper 3 will be completed by making a booking with a Tutoras educator:
Paper 3 – Speaking

You will receive:
1) A Completion Certificate
2) A Result Report
3) A Learning Plan


Paper 3 (Speaking) Online Mock Examination


Customers who have purchased any of the Online Mock Bundles are eligible to arrange a 30min Speaking Mock Examination with one of Tutoras’ Educators.

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Cambridge Equivalent Mock Bundle